Thursday, 14 May 2009

Something Lovely.

So, getting on with the theme of decorating and houses etc, I want to share these gorgeous photos with you. The lovely Sharon from Friendly Cottage took them in Avoca and Cath Kidson and she has a wonderful post on painted wood on her blog. In it she waxes lyrical about how much she loves painted wood and I have to say I'm in total agreement with her. 

I just adore this green dresser! We have a similar one that is painted white and green (see below) but I am totally enamored with this one. (Jay doesn't agree but he might just come around!)

My Dresser.

And my recently acquired oak table that my Dad spotted in Dunnes Home sale for €50, (thanks Dad!) is lined up for a similar brightening up as this divine lovely, though I think I'll staple on my oilcloth a la The Yvestown Blog.

We also even have this very chair which is at the moment painted white. I went through a paint-everything-white-for-now phase which the older two children complained loudly about and I now feel ready for some colour. 

The colour scheme in the kitchen at the moment is pale pink with accents of red and orange. It works and it's fairly subtle but I'm ready for a change. 

I'm starting to get excited about planning for this remodeling now and I'll be sure to post some before and after pictures as we go. 

There really is so much inspiration to be had out there. I feel a few more posts on the subject coming on!


marty, sharon and pearl said...

thanks a mil for linking me ciara. totally love your dresser! and cant believe your dad found such a nice table so cheaply - and in dunnes!! looking forward to seeing your updating wood painted snaps! s x

Tia said...

Hi Ciara...Oh WOW !I LOVE these, we`re HOPING in the next...well 5 years or so to add a kitchen/dining room to our own tiny cottage and thanks to your lovley self I have it planned out already :) Cant wait to see more pics !

Deborah said...

with your fab tasteCiara,no matter what you do, it will look wonderful x

Jess said...

They really are beautiful! I've always loved painted wood and I'm happy to see it's in fashion now. Most of my furniture has had several incarnations over the years and when I sand down something ready to paint I reveal all the other layers from years gone by! It's quite astonishing how many times I must have wanted a change :)

marta said...

i LOVE your dresser! i love it in off white it is lovely, i imagine you need a change and a bit of colour would do the job but i love it the way it is, with the light you have in your kitchen you want it that colour, just walk into your kitchen for breakfast with such brightness it is great.... ooops.... not my business i suppose - i´d love your lkitchen anyway

Mel said...

Hi, Ciara--

I love that green, I'm very big into green... but I too love your dresser! I love the scale, the knobs, and the fresh light color. The good thing ABOUT paint is that it can change-- gives us freedom.

I'm excited for you and your project! I can't wait to see how it goes!

Your house is lovely and light and creative and warm. Like you!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

wonderful photos! You would be a dream client, for you have a clear idea of your style and it's just lovely! I adore those blue towels in that green chair! I can't wait to see what you create with this re-do!