Friday, 17 April 2009

Thoughts of Rain.

It's been raining.
April showers. To finish the holiday.

We've had days of driving rain,
the dried out reeds like wet gold
stitched in zig zags across my window.
The cold seeping in between the pane and frame
pooling there like a melancholy sigh.

And then it softens to a ghostly whisper,
barely heard on the rooftop.
A faint mizzling that somehow drenches. 

It bleeds the colour from sky and stone and field.

Yet rests lightly on me
a gentle hand.

I am overcome, on days like these,
with wonder and quiet joy. 
Soothed with the silence it brings, the promise of peace.

And in the morning, a moment of light, a brightening shade,
a nod.

Oh. I am patient. 


Anonymous said...


And I just adore that word mizzling.

Gigi Thibodeau said...

I was just thinking how much I love the word mizzling, and then I read the above comment! What lovely pictures and words!

Therese said...

Oh such lovely poetry to my ears....♥ ♥ ♥

Anonymous said...

and such an amzing poet as well. absolutely beautiful...words and images.

Sara said...

Beautiful words. And pictures too. I shall return to read them again I think.

affectioknit said...

That's lovely - we've had a lot of rain here too - and a lot of flooding - at least the snow and ice are going...

Paddy said...

Thankfully, the sun returned today! Back to the garden.
The word verification is 'tophoe'!

Anonymous said...


Antoinette said...

I love the softness that you've captured here. I could just sink into it.

Unknown said...

How do you do it, Ciara? How do you bring the music to my ears with your words?

Deborah said...

your talents are endless....such a beautiful way with words.what an amazing women you proud to call you my dearest friend xxx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So pretty.
Raining here too. And cold!

Mel said...

Thank you for bringing us along in the wonder with your words and images... *sigh* We've had all manner and orchestration of rain today here too... the number of times I've been drenched in one day, and you're right, even by the mildest... but how lovely to have all the colors competing through the gray and the water for our attention and joy!!

And thank you, too, for your comments/compliments on my blog; I commented there-- I misread "look" for "book" at first- (still quite Twilight Intoxicated) :[ ;)

(my word verification is yellms, which I'll take in my current state to mean, referring to me: Yells "M.S.!", as in Midnight Sun... Twilight draft written from Edward's perspective:!