Thursday, 19 March 2009

While the Poorly Lamb is Mending.

The poorly lamb, the littlest lamb. Here is the day you missed.


One of those days,

the kind of day that dawns with a veil of mist clinging to it.
A mist that stays, hazy over the blue sky.
A quietening sky.
All day.

And all day we drove through the mist,
out into bright, warm sunshine,
like summer.
And then home again to the sea,
and the mist.

A quiet sea today.
Little waves rolling gently back over themselves,
surf sucking back through shingle.

And as the day dies,
sliding down behind the mountains,
the mist silently gathers round.

Around the clamouring birds,
around the still grass.
Around the little house.
Quiet. Waiting.

Creeping into the garden, whispering to the grass.

Watching, taking care.
Shadowing the mountains.

We miss your little voice echoing through the house,
your little feet.

Get better! 
You have a big day tomorrow!


Paddy said...

Happy Birthday to the Two Year old on the morn.

marta said...

Billy - get well soon!!

This is so lovely Ciara, magical day!

Therese said...

Lovely words and pictures so mellow!
I got your book today and I am happy!
Love T

Annah said...

How is the birthday boy this morning? Poor little mite. There is nothing like the silence where there used to be chatter and little boy stuff everywhere. Hope he gets better soon.....

Beautiful words, as always an inspiration.

Acornmoon said...

Beautifully written, I hope your little lamb has a wonderful day.

Unknown said...

Happy birtday poor little lamb, billy. There will be many more beautiful days and meadows to frolic in ahead of you.

I hope you have a good weekend ahead of you, Ciara

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh. Bronte weather!
Best wishes to wee Billy! May he feel better.

Mel said...

"Hippo Birdie 2 Ewe, dear little Lamb!"

Happy Birthday! We hope you are feeling well! If not quite better yet, tell Mommy, "Jello! Popsicles! Ginger Ale! Peppermint!" And if a wee little bit better than that, maybe "Cotton Candy! Ice cream! Custard!" ;)

Most of all, feel well and HAPPY DAY! :)

Anonymous said...

"We miss your little voice echoing through the house,
your little feet."

Oh! Dear me.

Wishing you a little wellness, g

Esti said...

I hope he gets well soon.

Those first pics are just too much. Gorgeous.