Sunday, 22 March 2009

Is It Sunny Where You Are Too?

Happy Mother's Day!

This is what I had on my bedside table this morning. There were flowers, and breakfast in bed and these sweet Cath Kidson bowls.


On another note, here's a peep at some things-for-now-you-are-two little-boy. 

His own bed. 

It's tucked into a corner of our bedroom for now, though plans are afoot to create more space in our little house, so sometime in the summer he'll get to move in with his big brother. Oh what fun!

And I thought I'd show you this sweet Horsey. I got him at the school Christmas Fair for €5! and decided to keep him for The Smallest's Birthday. I haven't decided if he needs a make-over yet. We'll see.


The sun is shining here. Really shining! And it's warm!

I hope it is for you too!


Therese said...

Åh happy mothers day to you, dear Ciara! Beautiful flowers from beautiful children! In Sweden we celibrate that day the last sunday in May! I think that Billys horse is lovely the way it is so no need to fix it! Have a great sunny sunday!

Unknown said...

Happy mother's day, Ciara! I'm sorry I missed you in Greystones, as I was behind Niamh near SuperValu for a while!

mimi charmante said...

So is it mother's day there? If so, happy happy day! We celebrate it in May~
I adore Billy's bed - absolutely glorious in all of its aged-ness! I also *love* that you sound as "cozy" as we are in this old house with four boys.
Have a lovely Sunday my friend,

Paddy said...

Billy's bronco! Leave it as it is.

Lisa Conmara said...

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Mel said...

Happy Mother's Day! I had no idea... in the U.S. we celebrate the second Sunday in May... (I think?) What lovely flowers and bowls! I love your house, too, so warm... I like Billy's horse as is too, but he/it does leave a bit of room for improvising-- especially by someone so artistic! I know he'll be just right no matter what you decide... to everyone's delight. :) Happy Day!

Emma said...

Happy mother's day. What a lovely thing to awaken to. I love Billy's bed with the flags and crazy toys and old suitcases. I remember that mobile too!

marta said...

Happy mum´s day!!
sorry I dind realised when we talked! It is different in Spain or Argentina, confusing
I hope you had a great day

Thinking of you


Fiona said...

Happy Mothers day.

Anonymous said...

Belated Mother's Day wishes! What beautiful flowers.

You've fixed up his little corner just nicely. I remember Em's having a little corner like that in our room at the same age.

I think your horsey is just right.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Looks like you had a lovely day. And I really adore those bowls!!

Missa said...

That corner is so darling and I LOVE the rocking horse! Hope you had a wonderful day, those bowls are really great too :)

Cliona O'Flaherty said...

Oh lovely, lovely. I think you should keep the rocking horse just as it is, it took a lot of playing to achieve that look.