Thursday, 26 February 2009

My Life As A Cake...

Bear with me...

The Smallest's second birthday creeps upon us. Next month in fact. (I cannot believe it...) And I begin to realise the baby-moon-mist has been receding. I find myself with noticeably more head space to actually pause and think for a minute instead of everything being in the moment (and not in the good way!).

I have a number of food intolerances which I struggle to deal with. Gluten and sugar? They. are. everywhere. Like you have no idea, if you don't scrutinise every label. But I can do it. Just about. But add on to that yeast, dairy and caffein? Well, let's just say that the coffee element is where I fall down. Seriously.
Part of the difficulty is because of the practical side of having to cook for five other people, all with various likes and dislikes. They always come first. That's just the way it is. But I now know that with a bit of organising of my thoughts I can organise my day. And then maybe even organise my life!

So, the first thing I do is make my self drink this here green tea. It's a step towards clarity.

It is actually quite the magic potion. While I was, I admit, persuaded by the earnest guy doing a promotion in my local health food shop one day recently, I have to say it seems to be working! It is supposed to stop your cravings, ahem. I've never been a fan of green tea but taken as a latte, (no really!), it is, dare I say it, delicious in a comforting kind of way. Even though it has a pond-water kind of look about it, as though a frog just may hop out any moment now.... For more info on it have a look here.
I've really only just started to take it properly so I'll let you know how I get on, but so far so good.

Has anyone any experience with it? I'd love to hear if you do.

So about that title. I know it should read 'My Life Without Cake, but it refers to the plan I have come up with that I hope will help me stay on track.
I am a visual person, and therefore I find it easier to do things if I can visualise it. So I figured if I can visualise what I can and cannot eat then it will be easier. If I think of it as being like a cake recipe, there are certain things which need to go into it to make it a success, and other things you absolutely cannot put in or it will flop.

I can try. And as I seem to be able to eke out some more time and space in my head I hope it will become easier. I've done it before so fingers crossed. There are some wonderful, inspiring blogs out there that are full of amazing recipes and tips to live gluten-free. Places like Elana's Pantry and Gluten-Free Girl. If any of this resonates with you then do check them out, they are inspiring.

I do feel a change. No more babies in the house. Time for me. Even just a little...


Annah said...

Oh Ciara, how that resonates with me....Even though I don't seem to have an allergy to sugar, when I stay clear of it, I feel amazing. Such clarity that comes with it, and a sense of being in control....

I know you will inspire me further when you come over on Sat.....and I really love the idea of the cake needing its essential ingredients, or it will flop!!!

Anonymous said...

and to think i whine about feeding carnivores and herbivores.

i do not know how you begin to manage.

what a nice find. in need of some clarity myself, but sleep might remedy that, ha.

keep us tuned to the experimenting!

denise said...

I drink Matcha tea. I tend to rotate between steeped green teas and the matcha. I recently quit coffee cold turkey because I was feeling tired, and so have been having the tea only lately, and indeed I don't even want the coffee and have much more energy now. :)

Anonymous said...


Lisa Conmara said...

i love this post...!

you have it so tough with gluten AND sugar, there is hardly anything you can eat and even the gluten free stuff has sugar in! No wonder you're fading away!!

As for the time for you thing... I was talking to a friend the other day who was saying how i'm really like this girl she knows, then she went on to tell me all the projects this girl is into and all the things she has done, and I said yeh but the difference there is she does all those things and i think about them but never do them. She replied "Yeh she is you with no kids" and unwittingly sent me into a flurry of despair and weird regret... Who would I be if I'd left having children until now, like most people? What great things would I have done! And then it struck me, That time is only dawning now! And I have had twelve years of dreaming to bolster my plans! It would be such a struggle the other way around!

Aren't we lucky!!!

Antoinette said...

Hurrah for more time to yourself! I remember that feeling of emerging from that engulfing baby fog. Although I miss those baby days, I do also remember the lack of space for anything I wanted to do. Including sleeping.

Gluten is my enemy also. And you're so right about it being everywhere conceivable (as well as inconceivable).

I gave up coffee late last year, as it was making me feel utterly terrible and almost non-functional. I feel so much better as a result. Green tea is my tea of choice, my fave being gen mai sencha (with the little snowdrifts of roasted rice, and the tiny twigs). So yum. tea as latte? Really?

Mel said...

Oh, Ciara. I feel I've been out of sorts lately, and fallen out of step with my favorite lovely ladies of blog... in part because I accidentally had GLUTEN last week! I was overwhelmed to see this post, and relate to it and to you completely. I struggle nightly not to need to make 4 different dinners and still avoid table-time boredom: tactile defensive/picky eaters, numerous anaphylactic food allergies, including wheat, and me gluten free!

I am a soy free, vegan, gluten free baker! There is cake for you, dear heart!

You can email me.

Also, I've found in the afternoon when I want tea/a pick-me-up but am past my self imposed caffeine cut off point for the day, I enjoy and tolerate Genmai-Cha: Brown Rice Green Tea, with vanilla rice milk. It's smokey, nutty and lovely, with less caffeine. Just don't buy the brand in the tube shaped clear bag. Instead I would have you try: either Eden organic (mildest) or Yama Moto Yama for bags, or (my favorite) Maeda-En for loose tea. :)

*sigh* I feel so blessed to know you as I do already, and now this... I am somewhat shaken. But in a good way! ;)

Esti said...

Ciara, I truly hope you find this time you need to care for you. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it is to juggle a big family and a gluten-free life.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I have given up desserts this year for Lent. I can only imagine how hard it must be to do it for Ever. I have heard really good things about green tea. I must try it!