Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Heavenly Gift.

These nights, the sky has been a carpet of Milky-way and stars that take your breath away.

Our house is cold.
And in the night, in the darkness, I find
a tiny hand that somehow escaped the warmth, that crept out from beneath the bedclothes,
a tiny frozen ice-pop!

And as I lie in the dark, little mitt tucked under my arm to thaw,
I think about the darkness, the vast clear coldness that stretches out above this little house of ours,

My mind expanding,
I think about what we saw there tonight.

The Moon. And Venus. And Jupiter.

Held in the skies, so bright
the stars around them retreated out of deep admiration,
I fancy.

Picture from BBC  News in Pictures.

Oh my heart...

Did you see it?


affectioknit2 said...

We saw it - it was lovely!

Jessica said...

Oh Ciara, thank you for sharing. Thick deary cloud has kept my part of Canada from looking up for days. I so wanted to see this celestial hug of three!

Karen said...

I missed it :(
Thankyou for sharing the photo :)

Andrew Judge said...

Beautiful poem, Ciara. Thanks for sharing it. We missed it here, with the cloud cover.

Lisa Conmara said...

We did see it too! It was amazing!

Deborah said...

We saw it too!..with a scarlet sunset...it was magnificent.I got a photo and will put on my blogspot as soon as I can! xxx Deb

Anonymous said...

Such a spectacular sighting... what a performance. Yes, amazing.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Yes, I did see it. You describe the wonder of the sight perfectly!

fliss said...

Yes we saw it and venus and jupiter were above the moon...it looked like a smiling face :)