Monday, 10 November 2008

What I was Grateful For Today.

This morning, driving to meet some friends,
against the brightest blue, the yellow gold, brightest gold, 
the yellow leaves of Autumn. 
My eye was caught. 
My breath. Oh!
And then out of nothing, scrambling the blue, a crowd, a melee,
a mad dash of rooks, tearing little holes in the sky. 

And then they were gone.

Oh, of all days to forget my camera! 


Karen said...

What a beautiful day you had. It has done nothing but rain here all day. Can you send a little bit of that blue sky this way. :)

I have tagged you. If you would like to play, details are over at mine.

fliss said...

its always the way!!! no camera when you see something yo would love to capture. Though your description gave me the image beautifully!

Rima Staines said...

Beautiful words Ciara... wish we had some of that blue here too :)
I often forget the camera at these times too.. but then you still saw it with your eyes.. and what could be better than that? :)
Love to you all xx

Chris Judge said...

Lovely Ciara, The skies have been so crisp in the mornings over the last week! I could see a plane about 30,000 feet up this morning it was so clear. Amazing.

Esti said...

but you were there to see it... and keep it in your heart and mind... i like to see glimpses of happinness like this here and there

Cliona O'Flaherty said...

Oh my gosh Ciara that looks amazing! So perefectly blue, when you see winter days like that you are almost ready to forgive the last two non-summers! X

Mrs.French said...

this happens to me all to often...not to worry dear, you captured the moment with your words...xo t

marta said...

i love love love the autumn in Ireland, thanks for the reminder x

Anonymous said...

Melee... such a great word... it ought to be used more.

Enjoy the day that lies ahead, with or without camera.

g xo