Sunday, 23 November 2008

Seven Random Facts

I've been tagged. Thank you Karen. I have seen this particular one doing the rounds, and it's a bit of fun so here goes.

The Rules:

Link to your Tagger
Share 7 facts about yourself ( random or unusual)
Tag 7 other people at the end of the post and leave them a comment to let them know they have been tagged.

The Facts:

1) I have always loved music, and I get quite intense with something new that I love and have it on loop for weeks. As a result, I often find it hard to go back and listen to something from my past. It can be a physical pain in my heart. A little espresso shot of a moment that is gone forever.

2) Staying with music. Since having children, and my mind is filled with the practicalities of life-with-four-children, I find it difficult to switch on my creative brain when I want to. But I find that listening to piano music gets things flowing. Poetry in motion...

3) The 'Dancing Queen' scene in Mamma Mia always makes me cry... (That's more of a confession than a random fact!)

4) Since the first time I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I have always wanted to live in a windmill. This followed closely by the desire to live on a canal barge.

5) I once played in a Samba band...

6) I think Jane Austen is probably my hero, for too many reasons to write here. But suffice to say I read (and watch) Pride and Prejudice at least once a year. (The BBC version. Though I do admit to loving the more recent version for it's visual beauty. And the music...)

7) People aside, beauty is the most important thing.

And now, the difficult bit. Who to tag?
(I have a feeling some of you may have done this one already so ignore it if you have!)

Oh...and any of you out there who fancy doing it. You can say I tagged you! Let me know and I'll sneak your name in here.

And now, some pictures to end the week with...


Acornmoon said...

Hi Ciara,

I can relate to most of your facts, especially about music.

(I did play along earlier when I was also tagged by Karen but have since deleted the post whilst rearranging elements but thanks for thinking of me)

I love redwork also and Elizabethan blackwork, looking forward to seeing your creation!

Karen said...

I love that windmill and the childrens bedroom in Chitty bang bang.The scene where he sings 'Hushabye mountain'.. Ahh

I also feel the same about music and mamma mia :)

Esti said...

a samba band? wow!!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh, I cried at that scene in Mamma Mia, too! Something about all those various happy people dancing together in the sunlight. I couldn't help it!

And, I've been re-reading Jane Austen this year as part of a new Austen book club I'm part of. She is brilliant.

You are so sweet to tag me for this. I will tackle it when I can find a few moments to contemplate my unusual traits! They are so many!