Friday, 24 October 2008

White Yellow White

Now for something completely different. 

This is something that Jay is doing this weekend as part of the 
DEAF (Dublin Electronic Arts Festival) festival taking place in Dublin this weekend. Do check out the link for info on events if you are in Dublin over the next few days.

This is what they say about it:

"White Yellow White is a performance based artwork by Projector Collective. It will be the fifth in a series of collaborative projects by members of the collective John Carter, Anthony Kelly and Jay Roche and will form part of DEAF 2008.
The artists propose to paint a room first white, then yellow, then white again over a period of 4 days. While painting they will wear new suits with shirt, tie and new shoes. They will strive to avoid getting any paint on their clothes. In fact, the object of the performance is to survive the application of the three coats of paint without a blemish to their attire.

The project has its root in a folkloric story from the decorating world of a bet taken between two painters as to who was the cleanest and tidiest decorator. Wearing their finest Sunday best they undertook to paint the walls and ceiling of a room without spoiling their clothes. Only one was successful."

There is also a visual and sound recording being made of it as well as an exhibition.

So, while interior design is what pays the bills in our house, it does my heart good to see Jay still managing to fit in his own work, be it making paintings, or projects like this. So, if you are in Dublin pop by to say hi and hopefully I'll get in over the weekend with the children to have a look!


Paddy said...

Sounds like a challenging concept! Hope to see it in progress.

Esti said...

what a good story and project!
i hope he's the one who comes out clean... ;)

Anonymous said...

Were I in Dublin or anywhere near, I'd pop in for certain.

Emma said...

Ciara, you have to bring the kids in to see this! Wish I was there too.