Monday, 27 October 2008

Into The City We Did Go.

And so we wend our way into this city of ours, and I find myself morphing into my father, and my children are treated to a guided tour of this little ancient corner of Dublin, though a fairly limited one compared to The Father's breadth of knowledge. 

I'm ashamed (and amazed) to say I have never seen the old city wall before! How'd that happen?

We didn't have time to go in to St. Audeon's Church this time, though now I've had a chance to read up some more I think we will next time.

I do love to wander through the streets of our old city, and each time I wonder just how so many weeks  go by in between visits.

We did manage to make it to Versus in Temple Bar where the Projector Collective exhibition was just winding up. It was wonderful for the children to see their Dad at work in situ and to see other people taking an interest in what they were doing. 

And I have to admit, I felt immensely proud of Jay. In the daily grind it is not always easy to hold onto the idea, the belief in oneself as an artist. And especially as a parent, life has a way of  making time stand still, as though our children, like little magic ships, bear us away to some timeless sea. 

Until one day we wake up and realise that it is all still there, the creative impulse, just outside the window.


Paddy said...

well done, Jay. Sorry we did not make it.

The trip to the liberties sounded interesting. Hope the kids enjoyed it.

Tracee said...

thank you so much for the tour of Dublin. My sister went there this Spring, and one day I hope to make the journey myself.

Lisa Conmara said...

What a post! Beautiful... X

Esti said...

fantastic words.

Unknown said...

I hope it went well. I was hoping we would make it to Dublin to see Jay and John. Please tell Jay we were cheering him on.

Acornmoon said...

How interesting to read about the exhibition. I enjoyed the Dublin walk, birthplace of my husband also.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Congratulations to Jay on the exhibition. And thanks for taking me along on your lovely outing. The pictures here and on the post below are so charming! Thanks.

Emma said...

Wonderful post, Ciara. The children all look great. And Dublin looks beautiful. Great that they got ot see Jay's exhibition.

Anonymous said...

Next time, can I come too? xx