Sunday, 28 September 2008

A Week Of Pictures.


Paddy said...

Nice Autumnal photos.

Karen said...

I love those white japanese anenomes!
I have the pale pink variety, but plan to plant some white one's ready for next year.

We also cooked on a fire yesterday :)

marta said...

how beautiful Ciara
they looklike paintings
I love the autumn light, my favourite in Ireland, I close my eyes and see red days in Dublin
happy Autumn! xxx

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Souful pictures. Thank you.

Acornmoon said...

Your photographs remind me of Dutch paintings, the interiors, the lighting and sense of quite, you have an artist's eye.

ps. my mother-in-law used to talk of Barny Brack, is it the same thing I wonder?

Rima Staines said...

Gosh so many lovely things appear here when I'm not looking!
Lovely to see your doings in pictures as ever.
Hope the new term is going well for all and sending love from back under the raincloud!

Anonymous said...

Such photos make me want to head outdoors... to be among nature and to feel a gentle breeze on my naked forearms.

Enjoy the week ahead, g

Esti said...

Aren't we both lucky to live so close to the sea?
... I relate to your pictures so much... :)

Mark Kwasny said...

Thanks for sharing your "ordinary" life in pictures. I love your photographs and they really give off a life of their own.


Mrs.French said...

stunning...the second photo warms my soul.

Chris Judge said...

Incredible photos ciara! You should consider having an exhibition soon. You have so many great shots.