Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Turning Year

The days are busy now. There is a sense of purpose in the Autumn that is not there in the Summer. The Summer being a time to just do whatever comes along. A time of living in the present. Each day decides what will happen. It is an easy time, a time to enjoy the bounty of the year, when all things are at their ripest, their fullest.

The Autumn starts to creep in with little sneaking thoughts that things will soon need doing. The feeling gathers quiet momentum as the coming winter is planned for. I have been accused of rudely ushering Summer out the door in favour of Autumn. (Although this year, I'm not quite so eager as I'm sure you've gathered by now!) So, a time of activity is at hand. A walk up the lane will soon become a a dwadling gathering of blackberries. A walk on the beach becomes a collection of driftwood. All around there is a sense of a bustle of activity as we begin to store and preserve for the coming hibernation.

In about ten days is the Celtic festive season of Mabon. Also known as the Equinox. A time of equal light and dark. A time of balance. And most importantly, a time of thanksgiving.

I do hope to have lots of favourite recipes to share with you over the next little while as my kitchen definitely comes into it's own this season! And hopefully a peep at some makings that are being made.

What will you be doing this coming season?


Christine Clemmensen said...

Hi :) Such a beautiful describtion of Autumn. And the part of "ushering Summer out the door in favour" is something I can relate to:) Maybe that's the blessing of living where seasons change.
I read about the Summer-effects on your children, and it made me so happy, they sound beautiful, and your family sounds so calm and well-balanced. Thank you for sharing.

This dish looks delicious. Is it baked sweet potato? Or pumpkin?
Take care:) /C

Lisa Conmara said...

what will i be doing? hopefully helping you eat those autumnal goodies missus!

autumn is my favorite too, its just so inviting... as soon as the darker mornings creep in I start to long for that familiar halloween smell in the air - oh hurry!

Erica-Jane said...


I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because now I have found yours!
Consider yourself entered into the Ottoline Dolly givaway, I shall be putting names in hats when I return from France :0)
I loved your description of Autumn. My husband and I got married at Mabon, it''ll be six years this equinox! Brilliant time of year!


Karen said...

There always seems to be that special feeling and sense of magic in the air when Autumn is approaching.
Foggy misty mornings, the scent of damp musty leaves and woodsmoke.I love!
I will be lighting candles and fires, storing squirrelling, making lots of soup and wearing big woolly socks :) x

Anonymous said...

The autumn creep is so beautiful. I am enjoying the spring riot over here. Blossoms are falling with abandon and the air is warm.
be well, happy making, g

Rima Staines said...

What a tasty looking dish that is!
Hmm.. I do like autumn best too, but feel like it has been winter since last autumn... so am not quite in sync with the seasons.
We will be doing lots of freecycling and charity shopping of STUFF ready to head off at the beginning of winter hopefully.. so yes preparations galore.
Thanks for your kind invite! We shall definitely come by one fine day (or even one rainy day!) when we are off on the wander and can afford the ferry! Are there some nice park ups near you?

Ciara Brehony said...

Thanks for all the lovely words everyone! The dish is roasted whole butternut squash, which was photographed at a friends birthday party last sunday, and yes, it was delicious!

And Rima, there is no finer park-up than our lovely garden! :-)

Acornmoon said...

Have a lovely, creative autumn. I have never heard of Mabon before, I like the idea of balance. Also, it has just occurred to me that the end of September is Libra, the sign of the scales and balance. I wonder if that is the reason?

Esti said...

Your words have made me look autumn in a different perspective.
What will I be doing? I wonder... So many projects on my table, so little time...

Anonymous said...

A beautiful description of autumn and wasn't Saturday a beautifully warm autumnal day - just wish the rain would disappear for a couple of weeks, it's been a tough 6 weeks on we farmers!
Lovely blog, I always feel really peaceful after reading your posts.