Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I'm Still Here!

Gosh. That is the longest I've gone without blogging here! I suppose the reason is two-fold. First I realised that I have nothing organised for next back-to-school Monday. Really. Nothing. I'm a bit of a last minute girl generally. But there is also an element of sticking my head in the sand. I mean, the summer has been a complete wash-out, and while I am for the first time ever actually looking forward to getting the children back to school, simply to get them out of my hair, I am also kind of resenting the fact that we had such a wet summer with very few beach days or picnics.

The other reason is, as I mentioned above, I've decided I really need to get myself back on the 'making' track as I have really and truly slid off over the last few months. So tonight I am reorganising my work space, and in the next week or two I hope to finally get some proper storage in place, as everything is in bags and boxes and therefore impossible to find.

I have a few projects about to commence too. One is a monthly gathering of friends for a night of stitchery, here in my place. This should be fun, and I hope to have some pictures to share with you.

Another project is an exhibition myself and my dear friend Liz Kavanagh are organising of Mother Art. A kind of a 'Where-Have-You-Been? exhibition of artist friends who are now also Mothers and may not have been making much artwork in the last few years. I am very excited about it and will be sharing it with you as it comes to life.

In short. I will be posting less frequently, but I will be posting. And I will still be visiting your blogs. And this is a temporary situation. So do still check in, as I hope to have lots of creative wonders to share.


The Dirt Dude said...

ok but don't stop posting photos

Ciara Brehony said...

Oh don't worry Mike, my camera is like an extra limb by now! Thanks for the encouragement!

marta said...

good luck Ciara! I love your profile pic of you in the beach !