Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Something Lovely.

Well, although the sun peeked out briefly this afternoon, the rain has returned with determination. I love the rain. I love perfect clear-blue days of sunshine too. But I love the fact that the weather in Ireland can jump seasons overnight. I appreciate both. And it often feels as though we have more summers and more autumns because of this. I've learned to not complain about the weather. I've learned to love it. Just so long as there is variety!

So, the rain nudging it's way into our summer days has brought on itchy fingers that I usually associate with autumn. I find the summer months are slow in terms of making, simply because we are out and about so much. So the autumn brings a burst of creativity. But the last couple of days have found us all picking up some little bits and pieces that were laid aside for cooler weather. Middle Son was inspired by these baby stitches that The Eldest did when he was not much older. So we have embarked on a little project together which I hope to show you soon.

So, as I sit listening to the rain pour down, even though it's warm enough to need the window open, I do find myself drawn to cosy things. And I wanted to share these wonderful cushions I found today over at Nonchalant Mom.

Aren't they great? I can just picture where they would sit perfectly in our house.

Do take a look at their website for more beautiful things, as well as parenting tips.


Emma said...

Oh, how sweet. Good job, Ed! I cannot wait to see it finished. Is that a trace of your own hand?

marta said...

I think the lighthouse is just perfect for your house and Ed sewing something lovely of the month!