Friday, 4 July 2008

The Little Baby Who Danced.

Sometimes I wonder
at the world
seen through baby eyes:

the appearance of music,
these happy strangers right there
in front of him,
and this wonderful gypsy swirl of soaring fiddles and trumpets and drums
right there,
out of nowhere!

He can't help it,
he bounces and jigs and grooves,
and still unsteady on his feet
wobbles with the effort, almost falling over.

And the magic holds him until the end,
when he remembers there is a new and unexplored territory right here,
and off he goes.


Esti said...

and the proud mom watches him with a smile and joy

Anonymous said...

Careful William!!! P.S. I love your shoes & skirt Ciara

Andrew Judge said...

Lovely. I'm look forward to experiencing life again, through a baby's eyes.

Ciara Brehony said...

Andrew: The magic returns...

sara said...

I like that circus pattern a lot!

Mrs.French said...

I am smiling....BIG!!!