Saturday, 24 May 2008

When I'm Not Looking.

Today. Stuck into work of one kind or another.
Once they realise I'm not available they engage in the simplest of games.

For incredible images, too numerous to choose one or two to show you, have a look here.


Mrs.French said...

This sweet is too sweet for words! I love sneaking up on B and watching him play his little made up games... oh and the link! So wonderful!

Annah said...

Ciara, such lovely images. And the link is so inspiring too.... Have you heard of Artist Trading Cards?

Emma said...

Oh, I love these images--especially the top one. How do you capture these moments? They are all in their own worlds. And Ed's little ballet poise--so cute.

That link is great. Lucky woman!

Esti said...

Thanks for your words! You have a way... to cheer me up. This post is so cute. And reminds me of the great day we spent yesterday at home with children playing for hours without adults noticing them. So relaxing and fun to listen to... :)

Anonymous said...

Such sweet images, and it brings back such happy furry-edged memories of my own childhood, of all the little games you would invent to amuse yourself. Just lovely!