Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Something Lovely.

This arrived in the post yesterday. Yes. Another notebook. But I just can't resist! This is particularly special though. I got it from Pedlars, one of my favourite online shops. It said: "Hand printed by Kim Jenkins on her small hot foil press in London. No two books are the same". Unfortunately, there's very little info on Kim to be found other than her email.

I just love this. Those little sailors are the sweetest. And it's just in time for a whole series of work that is falling out of my head at the moment, which looks possibly like part of a group show with some old friends, later in the year. I'll let you know as that progresses. And as the work materialises I'll give you some sneaky peeks.

And the best thing about this? At 9BP was reduced to half price...(Why tho? Why?)

You know me well.

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