Thursday, 1 May 2008

Something Lovely.

Our May Day offering to the fairies.

His eyes were round with four-year-old wonder,
choosing each little prop with care,
what should we give them,
what do they like,

are you sure they like water from the tap?

His plump little fingers delicate in their precision,
his focus absolute,

and I savour every second, remembering,
the two who are now too grown to want to be part of this,

when suddenly, through the door, there she is, eager to help,
to be part of the magic,

and I savour every second...


Patrick's-Well said...

Excellent.........memories for another May Day, another year.

Mrs.French said...

Oh this is too wonderful for words! Oh and I absolutely loved your comment on the Swell Season post on my blog...makes me want to travel to your neck of the woods now!

Esti said...

exquisite and magical.

Andrew Judge said...

Ha Ha! Lovely...

Emma said...

Oh, that is so sweet. I love his chubby little hands. And faery Finn in the last post is so adorable. She is so grown now. Lovely to hear she still wants to participate in the magic making.

Marie Louise said...

You've really captured the moment and the realization of what you were witnessing - and how soon that innocence disappears. Every stage of a child's growth is wonderful but it is sad when each and every one of them pass and disappear for good. I guess that's what being a grandparent is all about - seeing it all again.