Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Little Boys.

A coastal cloud arrangement withheld the sun, so we made plans.

A last minute arrangement with Liz found us in Greenan. Our first visit since last year. See here too.

Middle Son aka AstroBoy and T and R ran, and shouted, and waded, and ran, and laughed, and ate, and ran some more.

In the green, the beautiful green.

And my beautiful Girl walked.

I don't remember when she stopped running.


Lisa Conmara said...

oh my throat is sore... its true, they stop running. Mary too - they are turning into women before our eyes and its too late now for those fairy dresses we see in avoca or the spanish dancing shoes... except when no-one is watching i suppose... here comes the tear years!
valium with your tea?


Paddy said...

Lovely views & activities.
Well done, Finn.