Saturday, 26 April 2008

Something Lovely.

This morning, I'm taking a quick gander at some of the lovely blogs I regularly peek into, but this week have neglected from sheer lack of time. When I spotted a painting by this painter on Mrs. French's I Heart Monday post I realised it was time for Something Lovely.
I can't seem to find out much about Cassandra C. Barney, but I was instantly drawn to her winsome and lovely paintings.

This first one reminds me of my sister Emma. It's her birthday on Monday and I'm feeling blue about the fact that we live too far away to have a night out together to celebrate. Last time she was home Sweet William was only a couple of months old so it wasn't possible then either.
Still, thank goodness for the www. At least we do have instant communication these days, and while I do love writing real letters and in the past was a champion marathon letter-writer, I am grateful to not have to rely on that now in this completely hectic phase of my life.

A Happy Week-end to you all! And it's off to work I go.


marta said...

so Emma! true - it's her!

Emma said...

Thanks, so much, sis. I miss you too. And I don't need nights out anymore--a picnic with you and the whole gang would be so much more fun!

Ciara Brehony said...

I think I knew that. Maybe it's me that needs a night out!

Lisa Conmara said...

funny 'cause the second one looks like you Ciara! To me anyway!

I'd like a night out meselF! Maybe we should see if we can squeeze in a film some night soon!