Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I'm fascinated. This whole growing up business is amazing. I don't remember a whole lot myself. It's all a bit of a blur. But to be able to stand back slightly and watch someone who is not you but almost is, (you know what I mean!) is incredible. The subtle but enormous changes that take place under our noses, at our sides, is mind-boggling. One of the perks of being a parent.

Almost overnight, well, ok, the last few months, The Eldest has unfolded his wings. He has suddenly looked up and realised there is a whole other world out there and HE'S not the centre of it. There are other people who have needs and wants, and abilities, or not. He is Mr. Helpful, Mr. Responsible and Mr. Thoughtful, all in one. Not that he wasn't before, that generally is his nature, it's just it's now ballooned into 'Who I Am'.

Every year we have a big Midsummer party. It's a great excuse to do some work on the house. So lately we've been painting and clearing and re-organising and the minute we mentioned the party, when we recieved complaints about the amount of DIY that's going on, it was like lighting him up. He has risen to the task in an amazing way.

Clearing the patio and tidying the garden has been his contribution, purely his own idea.

So. We'll have various updates of how the preparations are going over the next few weeks. And I am getting excited too!


Patrick's-Well said...

Good boy, Ruadhan. Spreading the load makes it easier for all. Your little brothers will follow your example.
The patio looks good.

Emma said...

Good man, Ruadhan. Pity I'm going to miss your mid-summer party--wish I could be there.

marta&sam said...

oh! that will be a hard day not being there!! but is so good to know that it will happen again this year! x x x x

The Dirt Dude said...

A man working his land is good to see. If he were on a farm, he'd be hilling rows.

Lisa Conmara said...

can't wait! good man Ru! Ciara he looks very tall there!