Wednesday, 19 March 2008

A Week Of Sundays.

This is what I love about school holidays. Getting to slouch around in slouchie gear and not do much at all. Except a lot of play.

Or. I get to do one of those on-the-long-finger jobs. I always seem to start off doing one thing and end up doing another. My plan was a long over-due re-organisation of my work space. But I ended up painting the kitchen dresser. With a little help from The Little One. There's still a bit to do, so I'll leave it til tomorrow to show you how it looks.


Patrick's-Well said...

Haiku for William

William, one today,
The world at your tiny feet -
Blossom, leave your print.

Grandad (20 March 2008)

Ciara said...

Oh! Thank you Dad. So beautiful...