Thursday, 20 March 2008

One Year.

Sweet William is one year old today.

Did I blink? Where did this year go?

Ten minutes old. Here at home.
I still remember what it felt like, to hold him for the first time.
He took his time. To breathe.
He looked me in the eye.
Held our gaze as he took his time, to breathe.
Held on to us.

A Tiny Dynamine. Joy to us.

And now, here we are, one year on. My blue-eyed boy, bashful and bonnie and blithe.
Thank you for choosing us.


Haiku for William.

William, one today,
the world at your tiny feet-
Blossom, leave your print.

Grandad (20 March 2008)


Emma said...

Ooooh!!! Happy birthday, bonnie Billy. I wish I was there! What a sweet little angel.


Aunty Emma

MamaShift said...

Oh my! Did your da really write that Haiku? What a lucky girl you are!

What a sweet day for a birthday -- the end of winter, the beginning of life.

Happy Birthday William!

zee said...

Beautiful post and beautiful haiku. Happy birthday little man.

Esti said...

Happy Birthday Billy!

Moving words Ciara; you almost made me cry :)