Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Magic Valley

Spring time in the Garden of Ireland.

I spent the afternoon in Judith's garden. One of my favourite garden's in Wicklow, and I do know a few. It's a garden that is tended with love and dedication, and it shows. Hidden away in the most magical of valley's, amidst rolling verdant hills, a treasure that is just starting to stir, bursting with life.

It's full of beds that are dotted with gently nodding little heads: yes, yes, spring has come, here we are, here we are.

The faintest blossom tentatively peeping out.

And tiny fairy gardens with tiny flowers.

And the sun shone down.

Here, the door is always open. For tea and wisdom.

And you never want to leave, until late.


Patrick's-Well said...

The garden looks great. I also like the return window & shadows on the landing.

Emma said...

Beautiful pictures, Ciara. No one Ed's age to play with. Still, his little brother will chasing him around soon.