Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, that was an unintended break. And a lovely one too.

We spent Saturday morning painting eggs with Lisa and her gang.

Sunday we spent with my family. We celebrated Easter, and two birthday's, Dad's and The Smallest's. And as usual, Dad had organised an egg hunt for the kids. Everyone was there except my sister Emma and her husband Mike.

And today we had an egg hunt in Greystones, and a good old fashioned egg and spoon race.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!


Emma said...

Action Shot! Did the yolk break? I'm dying of suspense! -miguel

Ciara Brehony said...

Ha! Ha! Only when it got eaten!

Ed: 'I wish I had three arms, then I could hold the spoon in one, and keep one hand on each side to stop it falling off...' Of course there were the kids who put a thumb on the egg and legged it as fast as they could. And they got prizes!! Not fair, we say!!

Paddy said...

Ok, Ed. Next time have a spot of yolk-coloured superglue on the spoon. Alternatively, everyone has to put blue dye on their thumb(s) and if they make a print on the egg they are shoved off the podium.

Fine Little Day said...

How nice to paint eggs in a gang. Turned out lovely, like your cupboard also :)

Hyena In Petticoats said...

Love that kitchen!
Looks like you had a fabulous Easter - egg and spoon races! Brilliant!

Leah xxx