Monday, 3 March 2008

Good Times.

We were in Sligo for the weekend visiting my brother Andrew and his wife Fiona. A long overdue visit. Yes it rained, of course, but that's all part of being in the west of Ireland!

It's obvious by now how much I love the Sugar Loaf mountain. It features regularly here and I love the fact that it's what I see when I look out the window. But there is something to be said about Ben Bulben. I'll admit there is no comparison really. Ben Bulben has to be one of the most beautiful mountains in this country. And I completely understand why Andrew and Fiona chose to live within sight of it.

The weekend got off to a rather brilliant start with a fantastic present from A and F: first thing Saturday morning the kids were taken off into town, yes all four, and myself and Jay headed out to the seaweed baths in Strandhill. Oh bliss! An hour soaking in a hot bath full of seaweed. If you haven't tried it, well...

The sea at Strandhill was WILD. Whatever about swimming, there wasn't even any surfers. Now that's a first.

On Sunday, while Billy slept, they all headed down to the river to do some filming while I sat and read in a QUIET house.

There was a slow continuous nibbling going on all weekend, as well as some pretty delicious meals.

And then, time to go home.
We woke up to snow!

And for about a third of the drive home we had heavy snowfall the likes of which none of them could ever remember seeing in their lives!
It was beautiful, and magical, and I wished we could stay.


Anonymous said...

Picture postcard scenes

Esti said...

Seems like you had an excellent weekend. The pictures are a treat. Thanks.

Chris Judge said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! I have to venture down soon. How's poor andrew after the weekend? Heard he was worn out by the kiddies.

Anonymous said...

when i first saw the pic of ben bulben i thought it was table mountain in cape town (where we've just been). i forget how dramatic irish the landscape can be. it might be less extreme, but it definitely gives south africa a run for it's money!

ps. seaweed baths *rock* (in a relaxing way) - sounds like a lovely weekend.

Emma said...

Ooooh...I remember those seaweed baths, that wild sea, breath taking Ben Bulben, and Andrew and Fiona's delicious cooking!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time.
Andrew and Fiona are great hosts, you always come home feeling revived.