Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Bargain Bin Finds.

I have to say I rarely buy much in Avoca, apart from maybe kitchen stuff. Yes they are overpriced, which is why getting a bargain there is so satisfying. Myself and Lisa spend all our time going on about how we could make everything and why would you spend so much on something when you could throw it together no problem. Ha! How often do we actually make anything?
Anyway, I love their bargain baskets, and nearly always find something, like these. So these are my latest finds.

I'd been looking at this bunting for a while, but really, how long would it take me to make it? So when I found half of one in the basket for 1 euro how could I pass it by!

Again, I'd been admiring these cute cushion covers from Rice but 30 quid seemed excessive. But 12 euro? Not bad. And perfect for Finn's room.

1 comment:

Lisa Conmara said...

i'm scouting for material and you'll have to help me with making bunting for the van!!! xxx