Friday, 22 February 2008

My Little Tag-Along.

It's hard being the wrong age sometimes. Today, The Eldest is having a sleep-over in his friend's and their cousin M is sleeping over here with My Only Girl. One of those things I organise and afterwards realise, well, The Little One is not a little toddler anymore, and he wasn't considered in this. He soon pulled me up on it and there was tears and outrage. Even now, writing about it my heart constricts! He got over it of course. He doesn't hold onto negative stuff, he's such straightforward, happy, reasonable little guy.

So a little while later I look out the window and there he is, chatting to himself,


and swinging.

Of course, later he'll be tormenting the girls but all for the want of being included.


Esti said...

Such tender pictures. I love them.

Chris Judge said...

Poor little Ed! Luckily he's got enough going on in that brilliant little mind to keep him occupied.