Sunday, 3 February 2008

Imbolc, The First Day of Spring.

In celebration of the first day of Spring (albeit a couple of days late!).
I realised recently, while looking through some older photos that I haven't been as good about celebrating the seasonal changes with the little fella as I was when the older two were little. So I've been making an effort to be a bit more focused. We had some friends around on Saturday and we spent the whole day and evening eating and talking and having a lovely time. The kids played away and the weather outside was miserable and in the end we didn't do what I had planned. The next day I was so sorry I wasn't more organised that I resolved to do it with Him today. And apologies to his friends that you missed out on it.

It was always one of the favourites, and is very simple.

First we made a magic wand, which can be decorated with anything you like, but it must have a bell.

Then it's a matter of turning them loose in the dreary, bedraggled, winter garden with instructions to 'wake up the flowers for Spring'.

It definately lost something without a big gang of excited kiddies running around ringing their bells like mad things, but He still got into it and was so excited after when I pointed out the first daffodil shoots peeping up through the grass.
And my heart was squeezed when My Only Girl came up to me, in front of her friend, and said,"I know I'm nine, but could I have a go too?"

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Andrew Judge said...

Finn proves that you're never too old for a bit of magic.