Thursday, 7 February 2008

Great New Blog.

At last!
I've been badgering various people I know to start a blog so that I too can spy on their day to day. So finally Chris has taken the plunge and started up a brilliant new blog that is choc-full of amazing illustrations, quite apart from his two websites Fantomville and Chris Judge. Yes I'm very proud of my little brother!
Now, I know I come from a fabulously talented family, and I have great role models, but they can also be some very hard acts to follow. But we have each found our own little niche and for the most part we compliment each other, and there have been many very cool collaborations. So now that one more of us is up and blogging maybe the rest of you will. Eventually. You know you all have something to say, or show.

Here's one of his illustrations from today.

Now, where's that list of friends I had in mind...

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