Monday, 21 January 2008

No Added Sugar.

Or, How To Get Your Act Together.

For the last week I have, once again, been completely off sugar, and mostly off wheat. I fell off the wagon when I was expecting Sweet William, as I got away with it. Or so I thought. It has been SO hard pulling myself back on. The biggest difficulty is just organising myself, planning meals etc. And it's a catch-22 because when I eat wheat and sugar I have no energy, and when I have no energy I can't think clearly/organise myself, and when I can't do that, well, you get the picture.
The thing that always amazes me is how sugar affects us. Within two days, the mountain becomes a mole-hill. Suddenly all those things that seemed overwhelming now just seem like things to deal with. Doable things. My energy is even. It's the difference between being stuck in the mire, and, not walking on air, but something more grounded than that.

But most importantly, I remember how to have fun.
How to respond, and not react.
How to be as good as my word.
How to think clearly and wisely.

So, for all you sugar addicts out there, why not give it a shot? For one week, stay off all refined sugar. But you'll have to learn how to read food labels. You have NO idea where it hides, quite shocking and unbelievable really! Just to see how it affects you.

You'll be amazed.


Small family member said...

This is interesting. I just did a test about my eating habits and my carbohydrate levels are off the chart...oops. I was blaming it all on Babe, but could it really be too much sugar???

Ciara said...

I think the problem is that it is hidden in EVERYTHING. And I find I use breastfeeding as an excuse to eat more carbs! It's an experiment worth trying.