Sunday, 6 January 2008

Last Weekend Before School.

We spent Saturday with some old friends, J and C, and their gang. A last visit before everyone's back to school and the madness begins anew. The kids had a blast. We ran them up the hill and back, fed them, then off they went to their various games, the noise level rising and falling and sometimes going off the richter scale! Overall, I think the holiday from school, the change in routine etc has done The Little One in. We have had more meltdowns from him in the last week, then in his whole life. I suppose there will be some benefits to getting back to normal.

Up the muddy lane they go, thick as thieves.

Running, climbing, running, jumping, with a constant stream of chatter. Meanwhile, the big boys stroll around deep in conversation, a beautiful ribbon of ideas flowing between them. They are a curious echo of their Dad's.

Then back home to dinner and the last of the Christmas pudding.

Such a pity we couldn't have ended a lovely day on a lovely note. But we came home to our bedroom window wide open, every drawer, door and cupboard open, and our laptop pc and The Eldest's mp3 gone. It could have been worse.Thank goodness it wasn't. But boy was I p***ed off.

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