Saturday, 8 December 2007

And So It Begins.

In the end, once the kids realised that we would only be putting up some decorations if they came home, and that Grandad would be putting up the tree in their house, you can guess what they opted for... So here I am in our cold and quiet house not really feeling very christmassy. In spite of the music. I pulled out the boxes of decorations, the books, the cd's, and went looking for Sufjan Stevens Christmas box set from last year. Nowhere to be found. Hmmm... I am now looking at about eight hundred cd's on the shelf in front of me... I think that's another day's job. In the meantime, I am LOVING, again, A Charlie Brown Christmas.

By now you know I love Avoca. Yes I do. And especially at Christmas they are a feast for the eyes and senses. Last year we had Barbie on the top of our tree. Yes I know. She did look quite nice in her Anastasia Russian red velvet dress. However.
So I was thrilled when this lovely star called my name in Avoca recently. It will be crowning our tree in all it's folky beauty this year.

Now I know these are not particularly festive but aren't they gorgeous? They each have one of those accordian balls that open out, (see the cat). I'm trying to think up some way of putting them into something more permanent.

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