Saturday, 17 November 2007

This Day.

Those mornings, not so long ago, I would take a moment to have a look at the sea before my day began. Like Mole peeping his head up and sniffing the air, it was like my barometer, literally like opening my senses, yoga for the spirit, you can feel all that open sky, endless sea expand your mind. A great way to begin the day. And the earlier the better.
And then a couple of years ago they decided to put up a proper fence. So we put up a ladder to climb over. They took that. So now we have to take a ten minute walk, or less if I'm on my own, to the railway crossing if we want to access the beach. And on a school morning that's just not going to happen. I don't think I realise how that has affected my life.

So here is the sun rising over the sea this morning. Can you see the sea? At least I can hear it...

Friday is Mamas and Babies. It's amazing to have been doing this of over eleven years now. And I have met some incredible women, and babies. And our children are growing up together and some are going to school together, and how many times have we looked at them lying or sitting there and said, 'they'll be running around before we know it". And they do. They do!
Why does that bring a lump to my throat?

These two from this morning in Alanna's.

It's so wonderful to realise that most of the time if I'm checking out what Finn is up to, she will either be writing, reading or singing. That's my girl!

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