Wednesday, 21 November 2007

In The Garden.

A quiet walk around the garden before dark.

The sky, blue, washed over with misty gray clouds. And there, a broad splash of pink, streaked in a puddle that slowly spread down to the hills. A storm of fire on the mountains.

In the deepening lilac dusk bats swoop in looping dives, out of the black trees.


LUX said...

Nice pics!

Dear bloggers. Srange things are happening on the web. I have had to move because of some unpleasant linking. My new blog is at:

Netissä tapahtuu todella kummia...joku on linkittänyt blogini, ei niin miellyttäville sivuilleen, (huh!) joten olen jotunut siirtymään uuteen osoitteeseen:

marta said...

mmm.... home away from home