Monday, 19 November 2007

Busy Hands.

That time of year again when the boxes of christmas craft stuff get rooted out and the planning and ideas get put into practice. Over the years the Knitting and Stitching show has been an invaluable source of goodies, and we have a great collection of cool crafty things. The first thing to do is the christmas cards. I love the quiet of concentration, the light banter. This kind of project puts everyone in a good mood.


LUX said...

Hei hei, thanks for visiting my blog. It was strangely appropriate that you should have visited my blog on the day I was missing my best friend who lives in Ireland!

Also my downstairs neighbor of my is from Ireland specifically from Wicklow!

An more co-incidences, I am an artist too.

And that pastel coloured door is super lovely!

See ya ;)

marta said...

thank you my dearst Ruadhan you remind us is nearly Christmas!!! so hot here hard to believe, we love you all so much / Marta and Sam

Paddy said...

That project looks great!

Emma said...

Nice job on the cards! I hope I will be getting one of those in the post.

I love y'all!