Friday, 26 October 2007


Over the next few days we will be celebrating the festival of Samhain, better known as Halloween.
According to Celtic tradition this is the beginning of the New Year. It's the end of the bright days of summer and the beginning of the dark days of winter.
It's a contemplative time, a time to be meditive, introspective. A time to curl up in front of the fire and do the quiet restful things that the long summer evenings somehow distract us from.
It's the deep season.


Anita D said...

What a wonderful optimistic view of life you portray and exhibit; I am awed by your sense of beauty in sometimes ordinary yet never mundane moments. You are an inspiration and I shall view my life anew and attempt to grasp the positive in the beautiful colourful moments that life throws at us. Your photographs are really beautiful and I'm afraid my words cannot do them justice.

Emma said...

I love so many of your photos! You have such a great eye! This is mike, btw. I'm just using emma's account... Great site!

Ciara Brehony said...

Thank you all!
For your kind words and encouragment. It's so great to get feed back.
C x