Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy Things

Here they are! I had such fun making them, and Chris is delighted with them too. See more of his amazing work here

This is the first thing we see in the morning! Happyhappyjoyjoy!

We love shadows in this house. You'll be seeing a lot of them here! What is it about hand shadows in particular? I have such strong memories of our Dad doing little shows on the walls of our tent all those holidays in Lough Key Forest Park. It's so nice to see him doing them for my kids now. This is Ru's flying bird.

Found this while browsing photos today. This was taken on the first friday after going back to school last month. The summer was so miserable we had only been to Brittas Bay twice all summer. It was the most perfect day. Look at that blue! We were so glad to have made the effort.

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