Sunday, 21 October 2007

Autumn Things

I have to say, this is my very favourite time of year. You know the Autumn is here when the clever wind finds your clothes are not quite warm enough, and it seems prudent to keep the raincoats in the car. The days may be greyer, but then, a blue sky is all the more exhilerating for it.

Nothing beats that half hour in the morning when the house is quiet, before the rush, and the day has yet to begin. Often you see a pink sky, or the mountains swathed in mist, or a perfect cresent moon floating in perfect blue, which if you had that extra half hour in bed you would never know existed. It's gone that fast. It's the magic hour.

A little friend, a splash of yellow in a grey day. All he needs is some water and some stones. Such curious lovliness.

What is it about root vegetables that just whisper 'comfort food' in your ear! Carrot soup for lunch and we feel nourished and warm into the evening.

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