Sunday, 4 October 2015

Here I Find Myself Again.

I just can't help myself.
Like a traveller returning from some far distant land with some new, deeper knowledge of myself and the world we live in - not answers, per se, more an Understanding - I am inspired to try opening up this place again, to attempt to reach back and reconnect with What Was Lost, to see if anything still breathes here for me.
My instinct, as you know, was to separate the honeyed, sunnied, magical years of my early-days milkmoon-mama-ing, that green scented, glorious wide open motherland of small, tow-headed creatures, and leggy saplings that just seemed to race away ahead of me into the hazy dancing grasses of tomorrowland, from this new beginning in a new place that was so very different to where we had gown as a family right from the very start.
It's been an interesting, somewhat rocky road, these last two years, a very steep learning curve into a new phase of my life, and for a long time, the difference between the life we left and the one we now embraced was so dramatic I couldn't see how they could follow one another in this dreamy place. I attempted to begin somewhere new, but it never blossomed as I had hoped. I think I was too unfocused, reeling as I was. And now, here I am back again, because I realise I never left. Sometimes it's good to take a break from something we love, isn't it?
Anyway, please bear with me as my feet find their rhythm again; to start with, I intend to repost a few of the pieces I posted on the new and now defunct blog; this will be somewhat different to what went before here, hence the 'Part 2'.
And all going well, after so many years, and so many requests, for those doughty hanger-on-ers, there may well be a Milkmoon, The Book( Part 1), on the horizon. (There, I've said it so now I have to do it...!)

It's good to be back.


Elizabeth said...

Welcome Back! You were missed :)

Ciara Brehony said...

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Susan said...

Well my gosh, Ciara, it was a delight to see your post. Glad you decided to return, perhaps with new insight as well. Welcome! Susan

Martin Hodges said...

Good to see you back!